Final Exam Assignment

Pilot Data Collection & Oral Report: This exercise requires you to test your proposed data collection methods, analyze the experience and results, and report the issues raised by the experience.

It is common to test one’s research methods through a pilot study to reveal any problems or unexpected issues prior to broader implementation of a research design. Use this opportunity to practice fieldwork technique and evaluate the feasibility of your proposed research project.

  1. Select one of the data collection techniques describe in your research proposal.
  2. Set up the situation necessary for implementing the research strategy and collect a small amount of data. This might involve;
    1. Drafting a survey and asking several people to complete it.
    2. Conducting observations for a short period of time and recording fieldnotes.
    3. Designing interview questions and interviewing a few people.
    4. Acquiring a sample secondary dataset from another research project or online data repository.
  3. Process and analyze the resulting data using the proposed techniques.
  4. Reflect on the results in the light of your research question or hypotheses.
  5. Identify any potential implications;
    1. What worked as expected and what didn’t?
    2. How did the data collection process differ from your expectations?
    3. Would the resulting dataset allow you to answer your proposed research question or test your hypotheses?
    4. How might you change the data collection and analysis process to improve the likelihood of the project’s success?
  6. Orally present your answers to the questions to the class. You will have approximately five minutes for setup, presentation, and questions.

The presentation will be evaluated using a scoring guide for short research presentations: Short Presentation Scoring Guide

Day 41 SOC450 – DRRW Ch. 24 Writing Research Continued

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